My health should be a priority

So yesterday i had to go to the doctor, and after i told him my demise, he had a worried look on his face and said to me: "have you had a scan done?" I replied affirmatively and he told me to have one done. So there i sat waiting to go into the Ultrasound room, suddenly i was gripped with fear, i started freaking out, i wondered why i hadn't come with a friend for comfort, i worried about the outcome of the results, I thought about dying, dramatic i know, but suddenly all the diseases i have phobia for started crawling up into my mind. I almost got up and run off.

Amazingly but true, i found myself reciting a verse " Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. PSALM 46:10" and then an aura of peace surrounded me. This moment got me thinking about all the times I've neglected my health and taken it for granted, i don't eat healthy, i never do medical check ups, i only go to the doctor when i have something seriously wrong. "This has got to change", i thought, I must learn to care about my body, its the Lord's temple. I made promises to God that if the results come out positive i will live a healthier life. Lo and behold, it was my turn to go to the scan, i took a deep breath and lay down, i had flashbacks of all the wrong things i had done and promised God i would be a good girl if i was well, Long story short the results weren't as scary, Ironically they were humorous.

This experience however was an eye opener for me and i learnt two things about myself : 1] I have more faith in God than i thought i did. 2] I take my health for granted.
I have therefore resolved that i will be more committed to living a healthier life, both physically and spiritually, I will read my Bible more often and pray even harder when faced with a life threatening situation, prayer is like therapy. So don't wait until something is wrong, Pray today, be healthy today before its too late.