Kampala Restaurant week Recap

First stop Bistro
The kla restaurant week was all the rave as it kicked off with the Restaurant safari; that was an invite only affair for the chosen few foodies, and bloggers and I was privileged to be one of the invitees thanks to Total Gaz which was one of the sponsors of the Kla restaurant week. It was every bit worth the excitement as we embarked on our journey to our first stop: The Bistro at kisementi to taste the goodness prepared by the exquisite chefs to taste the signature starter that would feature in the Kla restaurant week. The starter was a mixture of different types of tacos, including beef chicken and assorted vegetables as key ingredients. As a starter I would say it was every bit delicious and didn’t disappoint with the different flavors infused in these tacos. As we were spread out in different teams and Team A got the opportunity to make their own tacos in a friendly competition judged by the chef and manager of Bistro. 

Tacos From Bistro
The tacos really worked our appetite and prepared us for the savory main course we were to have at the Yujo Japanese restaurant at Nakasero. It was time to jump on the restaurant safari bus and head to our next destination. On arrival at Yujo, we were welcomed with a fine glass of white sweet Wine from Nederberg as we waited for the Chefs to wow us with the main course.
The first dish on the menu was the sushi, that for all sea food lovers is a must have. The next item on the menu was the steak which is great option for the  meat lovers. The highlight of the menu for Yujo during Kla restaurant week was the last item on their Main course menu, which was the Katsu Burger. It was a fusion of classic burger meets japan and it was everyone’s delight. It is definitely one of my top five meals for Kampala Restaurant week.

Chopstick living at Yujo
 While Yujo met our expectations with the meals of the night, the most fond memory has to be the “how to pour beer” contest sponsored by Tusker Lite a brand from Uganda Breweries as there was much fuss on how best to pour beer. The other key note from the kla restaurant safari experience at Yujo was the Chopsticks contest where Rudende beat the rest of his team mates to emerge the official winner of the chopticks challenge where contestants were handed chopsticks and asked to use them to eat olives. So now you know who to go to when you want to learn the chopstick mantra.
While at Yujo, Team D which I was a member of was required to serve the rest and this granted us a backstage pass to the Yujo kitchen and we were privileged enough to see the chef in action and participate in making and serving the Katsu Burgers. It was definitely an adventure that I will cherish for years to come. Just as we thought the night couldn’t get better, we boarded the kla restaurant safari Bus to our final destination for the dessert at The Lawns Restaurant Kampala.
The trilogy dessert at the Lawns was every bit life giving as it superseded our expectations. Paired with another glass of wine from Nederberg, the night could not have ended any better.

After the epic launch of the restaurant week, I embarked on a personal adventure, being the foodie that I am. I tried out as many restaurants as I could that included, Yujo, Epicurien, Javas Kiira rd, Café Mamba, Emin Pasha, La Pattisserie, Prunes, Holy Crepe, Liquid silk and finally the Seven Seas seafood Restaurant at the Sheraton Kampala for the ToTal Gaz Private dining Experience.


The food at Yujo was every bit delicious, although I must note out that on the day we went to dine there the service was particularly slow, so we spent more time waiting for the food that dimmed the mood for the dinner, although when it arrived the burger did not disappoint. The dessert arrived in bits meaning that the brownies arrived and we had to wait an extra five minutes for the Ice cream to arrive. Which I would say was a bit of a drag. That said, the food made up for the slow service.
Family dining at Yujo


Dessert at Epicurien
Oui! Oui! The French rarely disappoint and this day was no exception. Everything from the starter to the main course to the dessert was on point! The food was out of this world delicious, I had the salmon and Gratin. So beautifully presented and every bit mouthwatering. It was equally delicious and the service was extra great. Kudos to Epicurien. The chef came out to find out if we had enjoyed our meal which I thought was pretty cool. They really did go the extra mile to make sure our experience was one to write home about. I left a Big tip! They were definitely my favorite experience and I will definitely be going back for that salmon and service with a smile.
Main Course at Epicurien

Javas Kiira Rd
Anyone who has eaten at Javas knows that their signature catch is the full plate of food and this was no exception. I had the Chicken with fries, the food was enough to feed my entire clan, which I loved being that I’m a foodie and I love me some extra food. Their service as usual was impeccable and they really did the most to give us a good experience.

Café Mamba
Café Mamba was definitely one of my favourites during the Kla restaurant week. I had the stead and mashed potatoes which was very delicious. The food arrived in a very short time which is a plus for them, the waiters kept checking on us and the steak was extra tender, juicy and succulent. Just how I like it. It was a filling portion which I commend them for. Thank You Café mamba. I will definitely be back!!!
Dining with the Sister at Cafe Mamba

Emin Pasha

Emin pasha was the second restaurant I visited for lunch and I must say there is nothing like the ambiance in the gardens and the fresh air at Emin Pasha. That’s a plus for them. The food presentation was good, however their portions were extra small. As a foodie I felt some type of way about it, delicious none the less but those portions need to be increased.  The service was okay, nothing extra but the ambiance makes up for their short comings.

La Pattisserie
 Did I say the French never go wrong? They never go wrong!!! The service at La pattisserie was every bit impeccable as the food. The dessert was my favourite item from their restaurant week menu and the Chef personally came out to find out how I’d like it made. I felt special, because he went out of his way to give me a personal experience and it really didn’t disappoint. I loved the food, I loved the service and I left a big tip.

La Pattisserie

No one does Brunch better than Prunes!!! I went for the Prunes Mimosa brunch and I can testify that there was no way to spend Sunday after church. Just the right amount of food, and the extra service. Could be because I was at a table filled with beautiful women, nevertheless, they made sure our every need was met. Thank you prunes. The wine was very well appreciated, and the food was delicious.

Brunching at Prunes

Holy Crepe
Let’s start with the fact that it is located at the top of kololo hill so nothing beats their view of Kampala city, while indulging in Kampala Restaurant week deliciousness. The menu was a little bit limited but the Nutella Crepe was every bit delicious. The view and fresh air is definitely the High light of Holy Crepe. And If you’re a chocolate lover the Nutella Crepe Is a must have.

Nuttela Crepe

Liquid silk
Does it sum it all if I say I had the starter, main course and dessert and left nothing on the plate? Yes the food was that good, and the waiter was every bit delightful as she took our orders and extra demands and didn’t shrug or complain even once. In addition we were given coupons for discounts on food ordered through Hello food. It was an epic Experience. I loved the food, the service and the ambiance. My favorite was the apple pie because I have a sweet tooth and it came with Ice cream and in a wholesome portion. Just the extra I needed. Thank You Liquid Silk. My sisters and I will definitely be back for those ribs and that pie.

Greatness at Liquid silk

Total Gaz Private Dining Experience
Private Dining with TotalGaz
You know you’re a real foodie when you’re invited to a private dining Experience. This was the epic crowning of my Kla Restaurant week Experience dining with Total Gaz sponsors to the restaurant week. We were started off with a glass of chardonnay and this was followed up with the starter Pea puree Soup and complementary bread. To our surprise, it was not our average three course meal, as they switched up one on us and surprised us with a second course before the main course. The Highlight was the Main course and the dessert. I had the ribs for the main course.
The service was five star especially with the live band in the background, and having the waiters attend to us every minute. It was definitely a treat. One I will live to cherish.

Total Gaz Private Dining Experience
 Thank You Total Gaz for the experience, Thank you Pearl guide for allowing us foodies to prosper by organizing the Kampala Restaurant Week. I can’t wait for next year to see what new tricks you have up your sleeves. I had myself a swell Time!!
Till next time

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