Take time off and laugh with your friends......

 So its been a while since i saw most of my friends....not because we fell out but more because life happened.... We graduated, got jobs, moved out of town, got married, had kids....pretty much everyone moved on. Such is life... I decided it was time i did something to bridge the gap that had been caused by our busy schedules, distance and life journey that had now reduced us to a simple "hi i was just checking on you" on whatsapp or "like" on a status or photo on facebook....or a retweet on twitter...

So i invited everyone to my house for brunch....and since i really hadn't celebrated my graduating with a masters i figured its a good excuse to get everyone together. and so i sent out the invites... got the R.S.V.P's did all the running up and down...who knew a simple brunch for 30 friends would be this much work.. But all in good faith and love for my friends, i put it all together. On Sunday, i woke up at six hit the kitchen to exercise my cooking skills. My mum was amazed at how much determination and love i had for my friends to wake up that early just to cook for them, seeing as i cook as often as it rains in the Sahara. 

Fast forward, friends arrive, food is served, sipping on some wine...and alas!! The bonding begins... You see i had invited all my friends with their various backgrounds...High school friends, Uni friends, Post grad friends, work friends, social friends....name them i invited them. So they all somehow got to knowing each other, started chatting away, arguing about the usual....Relationships, marriage and which sex is not to be trusted...lol

I sat back and watched as my friends almost brought the house down, laughter, cheers, heated arguments, opinionated views, and i thought to myself....Its been a while since we did this much bonding and catching up.... And then i went on to think how much fun we were having and wondered why i hadn't thought of this idea sooner???

You see life will always get busy, work, responsibilities, marriage, kids...all these things happen to us and slowly we lose ourselves in the process. We forget our friends, stop caring much about what they are up to, we stop taking time off to play with our friends, because we think we have outgrown it...but everyone needs some laughter in their lives. I can't remember the last time i laughed that much or had that much fun with my friends since My last undergrad graduation... Its not something am proud of but i can say that sunday brunch wasn't all about fun...it had a lesson to learn.... We all need to take some time off and play with our friends...be silly, explore the youth in us....express our opinions freely without fear of judgement...and also its a great way to network. Now all my friends know each other...if each friend had brunch and invited all their friends, by the end of the year imagine how many connections you could have.... Am seriously thinking of making i a habit.....Am glad my friends made an effort to honor my invitation to brunch, all those from up country and around.... I was humbled by the love extended to me... I hope we do keep up the spirit of togetherness. What am I saying...Life is too complicated to not have friends that you can just have a laugh with. So please take time off those busy schedules, Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, skype, email forwards, and see your friends have a little chat, catch up and don"t forget to Laugh.

Laughter can heal even the most broken soul, so dont underestimate the power of a good laugh.
So who's hosting the next Brunch????