Moving with my cheese

“I will give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when you go, you shall not go empty.” Exodus 3:21:

This year has been somewhat a roller coaster, so much has happened that I didn't foresee or plan for. The latest being my transfer to our International Resource center. Well, when I first got the news, I had mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong, am all for change, but for this particular change I had my reservations because of the circumstances leading to the transfer.

It’s complicated, but sometimes you go through something terrible to bring you to something amazing. It’s been a tough couple of months at work and for one reason or another, let’s just say I was beginning to second guess my career path, and then the transfer came and I started to evaluate if the hustle was necessary, If I wanted to keep fighting, and if any of it was really worth it. I decided to take time off and think it through because whatever choice I made at this point was crucial to the future of my career. I did have a choice to turn it down and stay where I was and naturally that was my first choice. You see we humans don’t really like change; especially if it’s imposed on you and I am no exception.

While I was still struggling with the decision, I remembered a book I read titled “who moved my cheese” and just to summarize, it’s about a rat that refuses to move with the cheese when the cheese moved and by the time it realized the cheese was never coming back, it was too late and it was starving to death. On the other hand, there was a sister rat that decided to move when the cheese moved and found new cheese and as you can imagine, there wasn't any starving there. Surprise!  As I took my vacation, it all came to me like a revelation of sorts, Imagine if the Israelis had stayed in Egypt; they would never have enjoyed the fruits of the Promised Land, and would still be slaves as we speak.  So why was I fighting the move from Egypt to the Promised Land? Because I had made my peace with being a slave in Egypt and I wasn't ready to move to Canaan just yet. Egypt had become familiar and even comfortable. I had made a home and even stared a family in Egypt, and really being a slave wasn't the worst thing to be or so I thought to myself, so I counted my blessings. You know that saying “better the devil you know…” yes? Well me too. I was contemplating staying married to the devil I was accustomed to because it felt safer dealing with the one I knew rather than the one I had no idea about. I really didn't want to start afresh, feel like the new kid all over again. I had just gotten over that.

  As the saying goes, “we plan, God laughs” It was time to move to Canaan. And we all know God’s timing is the best timing. So even if am not so sure about this move, I am sure of one thing, the will of God will never take you to where the grace of God will not keep you. My faith is in God so I know I’ll be good anyway, anywhere. Yes I trust Him completely; after all He did bring me into this world. Besides, it’s near home which means I get an extra hour of sleep, my fuel consumption has been reduced by half, and we are still in the recession so that comes in handy.  Yes this time I am choosing to move with my cheese.  I’m really looking forward to my new office, desk, workmates and surroundings.  So here’s to longer sleeping hours, less fuel consumption, new beginnings and finding new cheese.  Raising my glass to a toast J “Cheese” to the Promised Land!!!

Tanya Love