I am Beautiful

So Lupita Nyong'o Was named Most beautiful Woman in the world by people Magazine, and the world went into a frenzy. The other day as I was driving to work, listening to the radio and Fatboy was enraged that Lupita was named Most beautiful. Reason for his outrage? He doesn't think shes's beautiful let alone the most beautiful, and so people were calling in and giving their reactions and much to my amazement even some women were calling in to agree with fatboy that Lupita isn't beautiful and that the only reason she was on that cover is because of some conspiracy theory of sorts.......

Think on that for a moment.....

I am APPALLED that a woman would want to bring another woman down. This is what is wrong with the world today. I had this conversation with a few guys and some of the opinions shared sent me into an even bigger frenzy. When I asked one why he didn't think Lupita was beautiful he answered "she's too skinny" and when I asked him if he thought Angelina Jolie was beautiful he said "of course!!!". And then I said "but she's skinny too" to which he replied "that's different." I asked him why the same criticism that he applied to Lupita suddenly changed when I asked about Jolie and he's response was "because Lupita has a regular look"
SO... Here is my question: What is wrong with having a regular look?  Since when does being regular mean am not beautiful??
To another friend when asked why he didn't think Lupita was beautiful, he said "maybe if she had long hair" so I figured he's into long hair so I asked him if he thought Amber Rose was beautiful and to my surprise he said yes. When I asked why he thought she was beautiful with short hair and Lupita wasn't he said "she's different." Am I the only one seeing this double standard the world has for what is beautiful and what's not? Like I must be skinny, or light, or blonde or have long hair or whatever other scales have been put up to measure beauty. This is why there are too many young girls struggling with anorexia, too many women having unnecessary plastic surgeries to make themselves look more beautiful because the world says your nose must look a certain way, or your hips shouldn't be wide and whatever other conditions we have put to beauty.
I think Lupita is very beautiful and every girl is beautiful.

When I was in my early teens I was very skinny and I was always criticized for being too skinny. Then Puberty hit and I gained a few pounds and I was criticized for having a huge behind. When I went to college the stress of studying caught up with me and I lost weight and again people criticized me for loosing weight and they thought I was becoming a health hazard to myself. My point here is you can never win this battle with the world. There will always be someone prettier, skinnier, taller, have longer hair, have wider hips. But just because someone else is prettier doesn't mean you are not beautiful. Hence the saying, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her flaws, accepts them and loves them. I have a very tiny waistline and some people call me a wasp. But I embrace it. I believe it makes me all the more beautiful. So what If you are different? that is what makes you beautiful, and so what if you are "regular" you are still beautiful.
 The best way to overcome all these pressures is to Love yourself first. Every girl is beautiful. Regular or not.
Being feminine alone is beautiful, so I say be comfortable in your own skin, Love your nose, small waistline, and wide hips. Love your short hair, and long legs, what matters is how you see yourself, If you think you are beautiful one day the world will come to see what you see in yourself and set the standard. Just wait, soon there will be a Lupita inspired look. Alek Wek beat the odds, and now Lupita has followed suit. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you are not beautiful enough and you take their opinion. After all, its just that, an opinion. Not a fact. So embrace your beauty and Love yourself.
Here's to Lupita and every other woman who struggled with accepting their flaws, had insecurities, and still beat the odds because she understands that she's still beautiful.

Below is the video of Lupita meeting her Beauty Role model Alek Wek. Very inspirational. Enjoy:

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