Sometimes we push people away and then be mad that they left, because you so desire to be abandoned, because you feel so alone, that you push away anything that looks like love, or healing, because you've been broken over, and over and over again. sometimes you have to stay loyal to people who don't want you to be loyal to them because your loyalty can inspire them but, you have to understand that you may not necessarily reap the benefits of your loyalty the next day and so you have to be patient and let your inner light shine anyway.

Don't let your bitterness cloud your light. Sometimes  you have to be broken over and over and over again so that you can never go back to who you used to be, that no matter how uncertain the road ahead seems, you know that it's better than going back to what it used to be. Whatever happens to you, don't let bitterness become your truth, because bitterness will steal your hope. 

Sometimes God can't send any warmth your way until you are willing to admit that you're freezing. That everyone has a season of struggle and sometimes it's okay to say I'm not okay. Most times we get so caught up busy pretending that we are not phased by the chills of life, yet all we really are doing is building bitterness and killing our souls. 

The moment you are willing to admit that you are feeling a little phased, or bitter, is the moment that God with come and give you beauty for ashes, and peace for despair.

Sometimes God will expose you to winter, to accelerate your harvest and so you don't have to let bitterness become your name but instead let your hope take the lead in your life. Winter is never meant to freeze your hope, it's meant to strengthen your roots. 

You can't let winter become your home, instead you have to let your roots grow, learn from it so you can blossom in the spring and embrace the beauty of seasons.

Stay Blessed