Hello Food; for the glutton in me

If you know me, then you know I love my food, In fact, my food is about the only thing I don't share, no matter how much love I have for you, my food is off limits. If I wasn't naturally small, this would be a problem because my love for food is directly proportional  to my laziness. Bad habit I know, but old habits die hard. With all my love for food, and equal amount of Laziness,  you can imagine my excitement for this new app called "Hello Food"  where you can order your favorite dish online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Kudos to you guys by the way, Because this has to be the coolest innovation ever!!! Not forgetting how much Kla is growing digitally.

 I am so impressed and proud that Uganda is actually having some positive innovations. People are finally thinking outside the box, becoming more creative and innovations like Hello Food are being born. Being an I.T professional this gives me encouragement knowing that All hope is not Lost. So if you are hungry and can't be bothered to drive to that Chinese restaurant, or simply can't decide on what to eat, just log on to Hello Food, or better yet download the app on your mobile , browse the options available, place your order and have it delivered in a few minutes. How cool is that? Say goodbye to starvation because your favorite restaurant is too far from your home/office and say Hello to healthier diets.
You'll thank me later so you're welcome in advance.