Happiness Always...

During the festive season, we had a bunch of secret santa parties and gift sharing and I must say I got myself a bunch of cool presents.

To my surprise though, the most precious of them all is turning out to be a card, I received from my rotary club secret santa.  Funny enough, when the secret santa came forward to give me my gift, he was very worried that I might not like my gift.

Well, no pressure, but I'm a very particular person, so it can somewhat be a puzzle to gift me. So I totally understand where he was coming from.
 Anyway, my secret santa kept going on about how he didn't know what to get me and I said to him, it's the thought that counts. And that point it really was all that mattered.

As much as I love the choice of gift and the color, it's the card that's somehow become my daily mantra in 2016. The message read " merry Christmas and happiness Always".
You know; most cards say "merry Christmas and a Happy new year" but not this one. This one wasn't just wishing me a happy new year, but happiness always...

Funny fact, I didn't read it that day because I got home late and tired from the rotary shindig. So I just put it on my dresser and went to bed. The next day when I opened my eyes, I was drawn to it. And that's when  I read it and the message really sunk in...
It was such a simple gift but it was the greatest of them all because it has changed my life.

Remind me to text the secret santa and thank him again.

Anyways, I'm not taking it away from my dresser, so it can serve as a constant reminder that I deserve to be happy, and my happiness should come first.

When I wake up now, I tell myself "be happy always " no matter the circumstances,  if you're alive and breathing. Be happy.

It's going great so far. Thought I'd share as this is my first post for 2016.
Remember to be happy always. I wish you the same. Happiness Always
Xo Xo
Diane Kateeba