Idle thoughts...

Its been a while since i wrote down my thoughts, and its been driving me crazy. Writing to me is therapy, but sometimes i get caught up with the paradoxes of life, and sadly it passes me by. I sit and watch as it plays on, i have no control over it and it frustrates me even more. There was a time when i knew exactly what i wanted, and how to get it, and now….my likes change everyday, my priorities get re-arranged.. sigh. “Its part of becoming an adult” my dad says. But you see, nothing frustrates me like not knowing, being unsure of myself, second guessing my decisions its crazy, but such is life. I like to make plans and stick to the plan, but as i grow older i have learned that things don’t always go as planned, you need to make room for adjustments and compromises, develop patience for set backs and obstacles but with these experiences comes knowledge and wisdom, if you are the type that likes to learn from experience. I live, i explore i learn and grow. I hate routine which is why i chose a career in IT because there is always something new coming up…or so I thought, and yet everyday i wake up at the same time, go to work do almost the same thing, leave at the same time, the day ends, i begin another with the same routine, Life doesn't always go as planned I've learned and yet i still find it intriguing, because everyday much as is a routine, comes with its own unique challenges and as much as i hate not knowing, i like that i don’t know what tomorrow will bring and so i have hope, hope for a brighter day, better opportunities hope that tomorrow i will be better than i was yesterday and this keeps me striving to reach a greater height than i reached today and tomorrow. In conclusion i have come to discover that life is an experience…a journey not a destination, so we need to sit back relax and enjoy the ride.
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