Im puzzled?*%#@

Lately..something has been troubling me.Why do we love people who dont love us back? why do we choose the wrong people to love? why do you want to be with me yet you love another? why do we marry someone and yet we love another? why do we marry only to divorce a month later? im so lost in this world of confussion, too many questions very few answers!!!why does someone say i love you so much but i cant be with you...if you love me as much as you say you do then you should want to be with me whatever the consequences....why dose someone love one person and yet want to sleep with another? isn't love supposed to over come all other physical attractions? but then again; what is love anyway? no one seems to have the answers to any of these questions. what happened to the good old days when men loved their wives and wives submitted to their husbands? what happened to the days when the youth had moral values and children respected their elders? what happened to loving one another and being your brothers keeper? These days someone gets murdered in their own house and the neighbours hear about it on the news! what happened to the days when men loved women and women loved men? now men love men and women love women and its their right to do as they please and spread the "love".
Don't get me started on the churches; what happened to the good old gospel? you know that gospel that tells us that God sent us his only son to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life, the gospel that tell us that even though we are sinners God will not forsake us because he created us , he knows our wickedness but still loves us and so even when we go astray he still gives us a chance to repent and share in the kingdom of heaven..but no; they only talk about how God loves a cheerful giver, and give it will return to you in tenfold. Yes God loves a cheerful giver and he does reward you accordingly but that is not his sole purpose. God is love and so if you have not love then you cannot give cheerfully,you cannot be your brother's keeper, you cannot love your wife or submit to your husband, cor1:13 talks about if I have not love in my heart then I do not live. we have drifted away from the more important things in life in exchange for materialistic desires, lust,greed and all this because we are selfish and selfcenterd. and so we selfishly ask the church to give towards our selfish desires, yes it is good to give, but do we give with love in our hearts?
Bottom line we need to find love in our hearts because only when we truly love do we truly begin to live, and when we live then we begin to see and when we see then we begin to understand and when we understand only then will we begin to appreciate life and love.
so love uncoditionally, give wholeheartedly,live fulfillingly,see beyond horizons, understand beyond reason.
Yours truly,