Its the simple things...

In life, sometimes we tend to focus on the bigger things... we measure our success by how rich we are, how famous we are, or popular we are. We accord too much importance to the material things, and we forget that they perish, and can be replaced. I mean lets face it, There will always be someone more popular, richer, prettier, name it. The trends will always change so no matter what you do or try to hold on to them, they will never stay the same. We often forget to appreciate the little things that count. The ones we don't ask God for and He just gives us through grace... The air we breathe, the eyes that see, a mouth that speaks, the sun setting in the sky... those annoying siblings that we love to hate.... 
My beautiful Ariella

So today, my post is not going to be about some inspirational message... am just taking some time out to appreciate God for the simple things:
The nieces and god-children
The ones who lift you up when you need it....
The Post grad friends
The old school friends....
The ones you cant describe
the crazy cousins

 The ones who are Divas  
The ride or die family....
The friends turned family
The Childhood friends...
The cousins that make you feel cool
The friends you love to hate
The friends that defy the distance...
Annoying friends you cant live without
the Cousins
workmates turned friends
My silly friends
My Job
My awesome Workmates 
I Have a lot to be grateful for, A life that is full of love, God that always has my back, a loving family, awesome friends and my job that I love to hate. Often I over look these simple things and yet at the end of the day nothing makes me smile like knowing how blessed I am to be me. Take a moment and count your blessings... CheersXoXoTanya Love