When silence speaks loudest

      Some times in life, We go through moments where you feel like you need to be heard, because you know the truth, and you would like for the world to know the truth. So you try to talk to whoever will care to listen with the hope that the will hear your truth, and when they don't you get even more frustrated and try to get even louder just so you can be heard. I've been going through something similar, till I got tired of explaining myself, and trying to make people understand my truth that I decided to just stay silent. Whenever the subject came up, my response was simply: NO COMMENT!!! 
And what do you know, as sure as the sun sets in the evening, the truth can't be hidden forever. You can sugar coat it, twist it, over look it, ignore it, It will not change. The bottom line will still remain as the truth; And it always manifests when you least expect it. I've since discovered that you don't always have to speak out or be loud to get the truth out. On the contrary
"sometimes being loud silent is the only way to speak the truth"
You know that saying " silence is golden"

I have since discovered a treasure in silence because Sometimes 
simply cannot capture the subtle nuances of your feelings. In such
 times its better to avoid being verbally misunderstood, by letting the 
silence speak through your eyes, your breathing, your posture.
Yes!! It works.. Silence speaks volumes. Silence sometimes says "I need some
 peace and calm; It can also say, I cant be bothered with the world, or am in 
awe or better yet, I know the truth, so i don't have to embarrass myself 
arguing with ignorance.
Nothing spoken, and yet so much perceived from just a sigh, a smile, a tear in
So the next time you are faced with a situation and you don't want to argue 
because you know the truth, don't compromise your integrity, just be silent 
and smile. Arguing won't get you any further than it will alter the truth. 
In the end, it always unfolds and will set you free.... so Hush