Food for thought from Stepanie Ike

The root word for likeness in Hebrew is ‘damah’ meaning ‘thought.’ The original intention for man amongst others, was to think like God. For this reason, when God created the animals, Genesis 2:19 tells us, He brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. What’s fascinating is that “whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.” Adam’s mind functioned like God; he knew the very names God had already assigned to the animals.

However, after the fall of man, we became sin conscious, our thinking was contaminated with evil. This is evident when a person is judgmental, or calling others names that dishonor whom God says they are. We ought to understand that regardless of the wrongs that people may do; that does not define them. A mind that is God conscious sees through the wrongdoing and is able to speak life and destiny.

A horse might act like a dog, for example, but if you treat it like a dog, you’ll never experience its true purpose. God has placed people in your life as purpose mates, but we often fail to identify them because we’re calling them by the wrong names.
Jesus died to restore all that had been lost, to give us freedom from sin, that we may also no longer operate from sin consciousness. So I pray for the grace to identify people according to their God given name.

Adapted from her Instagram.