Don't leave it broken... Fix it!!!

Have you ever had something missing in your life? It is irritating for something to be missing in your life. I can't stand anything broken in the house or generally around me, if it's broken i think you should either fix it or get rid of it. I don't want a toaster that doesn't work, because I can't stand to have things taking up space that serve no purpose. You see, if something is missing, it reminds me to replace it, but if it's broken and there, the impostor gives me a false sense of validation, that says "I don't need something that I really do need". I don't want a toaster just to look good on the counter if I can't put bread in it. I'd rather have an empty space, so it would remind me to buy one, than to have an impostor sit there, perpetrating something that it doesn't produce. And I realize it's just a matter of choosing irritants, whether you choose to be irritable by the emptiness of the counter, Or irritated by the fact that the toaster doesn't work is a matter of preference. 
But I would rather deal with the gravity of the empty feeling of something missing, than to have something in place that doesn't provide what I need.

 That is to say, if I'm gonna be broke I'd rather be without a job, if I'm gonna be lonely I want to be single. At least, when you roll over you're not expecting nothing, at least you don't have to get up and go to work only to still be broke. I'd rather have something missing, because if something is missing it can be filled. I want to talk to someone who knows the pain of something missing.

Some of the ways that we learn that something is missing is by looking at other people. Everybody in our lives in some way is an instructor, and we learn something is missing by determining what is normal. We learn what is normal by looking at other people and seeing what isn't the usual way of doing things through interacting with other people. 

We begin to understand that something is missing out of our lives, based on what we are exposed to. I've often wondered how people can be in bad situations and be comfortable. But then I realized, if you've never seen a good one, then the bad situation doesn't let you know that something's missing out of your life. The irritation comes once you are exposed to how it is supposed to be. Then you begin to become frustrated with how it is. 

Had Hannah not been exposed to a woman named Penina she would've been totally content with being married to Elkanah (In the Bible Hannah who eventually gave bith to Samuel couldn't bear children). After all he was a wealthy and successful man. Any woman who is married to a wealthy man who loves her the way he did Hannah, should've been content (1 Samuel 1:8 Her husband Elkanah would say to her, "Hannah, why are you weeping? Why don't you eat? Why are you downhearted? Don't I mean more to you than ten sons?") But she wasn't content. Hannah would've been content with what the situation was, except her husband had another wife who was having  babies. Which exposed Hannah to what should be there,  but isn't. And she reveals that something is missing in her life. 

You don't know that something is missing in your life until you're exposed to someone who's filled in the blanks in your life. And suddenly, you realize you need something  because you have been exposed to how it should be.
There are things that we accept as normal in our lives that are not part of our purpose. That's when God comes and fills in the blanks of your life. Sometimes, we make do for so long that we redefine what normal is. You start to allow circumstances to control your dreams. To the point that you stop dreaming for fear of disappointment. But you should never let go of what your dream is.
You have to get out of your uncomfortable situation and and get your dream out of the closet and step out into the unknown so God can work your dream into existence. You have to have that empty space so God can fill it with what is supposed to be there, not the impostor that is just taking up space and serving no purpose. 

The only reason you realize that something is missing is because you've been exposed to somebody who had it. Once you see it, you become frustrated because now you recognize that you're not getting what you need. And what you need is based on your exposure. Its only because of Penina's blessing that Hannah knows to want it. 

Sometimes God uses people who get on your nerves to bless you, He uses frustration to lead you to fate because frustration provokes you to go to God and say, I know I have all these fancy things but something is missing out of my life, and I cannot rest, until I fix it. You suddenly can't leave it broken, you have to fix it! Don't make do, fix it! Don't put up with it, fix it! Don't make the most of a bad situation, fix it! Don't endure it, fix it! Whatever you do, you have to fix it!!! God does fill in the blanks of your life, but the space has to be blank. So you need to get rid of the impostor so God can fix it while accomplishing His purpose.
I felt like a sermon today...

Stay Blessed