Growth Season : Hair Chronicles

I know I’ve been away a while, I promise its with good reason. See; I’ve been going through what I am calling growth season. A lot has been happening in my life and in the beginning I wasn’t exactly happy about how fast my life was changing, but its finally growing on me and I think I’m in love with myself like never before. 

Rocking my crown of natural hair
Starting with my new found love for my natural hair. Let me tell you how my natural hair has been a struggle from when I was born. I have what you could call typical African kinky hair that is just unmanageable, or at least that’s what I thought. You might not get it but let’s just say that growing up, my hair used to break combs. Mum bought me all types and kinds of combs and they were broken in just a couple of days. So I had a new comb every week until mum had it with my hair and bought an electric hot comb. 

Cutting off my hair was never an option because dad forbade it, so imagine his horror after I was all grown up, about a year ago I decided to cut off all my hair because I was finding myself and going natural was part of that journey. He just wasn’t having it. I heard it all, from "your hair is too hard", to "your head doesn’t suit short natural hair", but I stuck it through. A year later my hair has grown tremendously. I’m not even going to front and act like I had it all figured out when I went natural, I hadn’t even thought through the process, I just needed a change in my life and my hair seemed like a good place to start. But, let me tell you how the first months were a struggle because figuring out what products to use and how to maintain my hard textured hair was not a walk in the park. It was no joke and I tried anything and everything that was recommended out of desperation.

 Nothing seemed to work just right, that’s until my cousin saved my life and introduced me to "Carotee Goodness" and "Minty Lox" from Rhanika. This is not even an advert, its plain truth, because these products gave my hair LIFE!!!! Literally. My salon lady can’t even believe the transformation. We went from screaming through the combing session to cracking jokes about that past struggle. I actually never thought it was possible for my hair to be soft in its natural state, but Rhanika proved me wrong. I love my hair now. Before I was just forcing life, now I’m actually in a loving relationship with it. Like we’re so committed I think I’ve found the one. Jokes aside though, if you have hair issues similar to mine, do not hesitate to give these products a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

I look at my hair now, and remember everything we have been through together, and I tell you there are times when I felt like I was done and couldn’t take it anymore but I’m glad I stayed the path. Its been a worthwhile journey getting to know myself again, flaws and all and loving my hair has been one of the highlights on this journey. I definitely love the new me. It’s amazing what can happen in just a space of a year. Thanks Rhanika for making my hair journey enjoyable and bearable.

Till next time