About the Yoga

Back Bend Vinyasa helps with Spinal Alignment
 and increases blood flow around the spine and diaphragm

About over a year ago I made a drastic move to change my life. I didn’t know then how deep the journey to self-discovery and transformation would get me. I didn’t even know what I wanted to change about my life. I just knew that something needed to change. As I embarked on this journey of transformation I decided I would start by doing stuff I had never done before. 

Yoga, was my first go to. I started reading up on yoga and doing as much research as I could about it, because I’m a planner. I like to always know what I’m getting into so that I can be prepared for the outcome. Or so I tend to think. So I read up as much as I could and I started ‘practicing’ meditation yoga. It didn’t work because there was so much clutter running through my mind.

 A little background, I am a paranoid person. I also tend to suffer from anxiety and so I dramatize everything. So imagine me trying to not think about anything; impossible! Or so I thought. Since meditation yoga wasn’t working or making me feel better about myself, I embarked on workout Yoga (acrovinyasa to be exact). My life has never been the same. 

What started out as a hobby, has now become a lifestyle. The thing about Work out Yoga is that you work out both the mind and the Body. It requires so much concentration and dedication and control of breathing that when the session is done, you’re worn out and refreshed at the same time. The body feels really tired but the mind feels at ease. There is something about the deep breaths during the work out that seem to still the mind and help you focus on what you’re trying to achieve. Whether it be a back-bend that you’re trying to get right or telling your mind that you feel strong and motivated.

Head stand helps with spine alignment and digestion

The beginning of something new is always exciting and yoga was the same, until it wasn’t. I was finding it hard to do some twists and so I gave up for a bit because I felt like there was no point bothering myself with yoga if I’d never get to master them. But you have to be patient. 

Yoga Lesson number 1. After a few weeks of giving up, I realized that being a quitter made me feel even worse about myself than struggling to get the moves right. So I decided to give it another try. But first, I had to change my mentality. With anything in life, if you believe you can, then you will. And if you believe you can’t you most probably won’t be able to do it.

 Yoga lesson number 2. The first time I told myself that if other yoginis could do it, then so could I, and promised myself not to end that session without completing the back bend, I kid you not; I did that back bend. I struggled with it in the beginning of the session but I was determined to get it done one way or another and so  then I started telling my mind not to give up on me and to keep going, pushing myself up stronger and before I knew it, I pushed myself up and into a back-bend I went. Don’t give up. 
Back bend stretch helps with spine alignment and
stretches the torso

Yoga Lesson number 3.
My journey of self-rediscovery, growth and transformation has been much more profound than I ever could have imagined. I am loving the small milestones, the obstacles and my ability to overcome them and I am delighted that now I get to share them with the world through this blog. The fourth and last lesson that practicing yoga has taught me is resilience. Allowing my body to adjust to the different movements has ultimately taught me to allow myself to adjust to the changes in my life and better accept them. I now fully understand that flexibility of the mind can tame flexibility of the body. If you learn to be patient with yourself, and control your thoughts, you will ultimately begin to control your destiny. Let’s talk more about that soon.

Diane Kateeba