A day in paris

View of the Iffel tower
 I know I've been somewhat of a stranger lately, always neglecting this blog *sigh* but I'm back. Its been crazy these past couple of weeks. I changed Jobs and as such I've been AWOL trying to get into my new schedule and settling in at my new job. New exciting things ahead. Anyhow, I promised I'd start sharing from my travel experiences and this post is one of those.  Oh Paris, what can I say and where do we start......

I have always wanted to go to Paris ever since I was a little girl hearing stories about it from dad. Something about his recollection of his time there made it one of my top 5 destinations to visit before I die. My top 5 include: New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Capetown, Venice. Out of these five, I've been to four and now I'm left with Venice. The city on water..... 

Anyway back to Paris the city of love. So I eventually got the opportunity to embark on my Euro trip, late last year and it was life changing. My first stop was Amsterdam which I will write about later, and then my next stop was to Paris. I chose to take  a train from Amsterdam to Paris (4 hrs) because i really wanted to experience the country side and see what scenery it has to offer. Best decision ever!!!  I arrived at the Paris Du Nord Train station at about midday and my friend was waiting to pick me up. We went straight to the hotel to drop off my stuff and embark on the adventure. We couldn't check in to the hotel before midday but they were kind enough to keep my bags in storage till later. My hotel was right next to a couple of Cafe's and What better way to start the Paris experience than in a cafe munching on some Nutella crepes. After a light snack, I embarked on my adventures to discover and experience Paris in a day. Since my hotel was right next to the Louvre, We walked to the Musée du Louvre on Rue de Rivoli. For those who don't know, this is the museum that houses the Legendary Monalisa painting..... That's a story for another day though. After a tour of the museum, and actually getting to see (not touch) the Monalisa (I'll explain another time) I was off to the tour d'eiffel, also known as the Iffel tower. It is the most grande and picturesque tower you will ever see. Once I was done with taking pictures of the tower, I  hoped on the tour bus and headed straight to the Seine bridge where I crossed over to the  Musée d'orsey and after a long tour of this museum, I crossed over the bridge to and headed to the Notre Dame. I was able to do most of the activities on my my to checklist except go to the Moulin Rouge. But no worries, that will be for next time. I must say, there really is something in the air or Paris that just makes you fall in love; the food, the people, the language, the romantic music on the streets, its something else. Everything is romantic. Paris really did steal my heart and I hope to one day return and continue my adventures. Now take a sneak peek into the pictorials of  my Day in Paris Adventure below:

Spot The Grande Iffel Tower Behind me

Standing outside the Musee du Louvre

The Seine Bridge over river Seine

The Louvre By Night

Selfie in the cafe

The Notre Dame

Musee Du louvre

Travel Tips from this trip
  1. Take the train to travel to Paris if you're within Europe, Its cheaper and much more fun.
  2. Its cold Between November to March so carry warm clothing
  3. Buy the tickets for both train and entry to museums earlier online ( makes it even more cheap and faster to get around)
  4. Book the hotel online, its cheaper. (I used Hotels.com)
  5. Paris Must see sites: Notre Dame, The Louvre, The eiffel tower, Musee D'orsay, Seine bridge and the Moulin Rouge.
  6. While inside the Musee du Louvre, do endeavor to search for and find the Monalisa.

Happy travels
Toro Belle