My Frustrations.........

Has anyone noticed that too many young people are dying these days? We have lost 4 would be future leaders of this country in just the past 4 weeks and frankly speaking its apalling if not devastating.The deaths are too many, well atleast in Uganda they are and i cant help but be bothered....Why? you may wonder...well the answer is simple....I am my brother's keeper!
So anyway, i am stressed beyond measure about all these mysterious deaths and i think something needs to be done and done fast, don't know what exactly but for now all i can do is PRAY for my nation, for the young generation and the world at large so that God will have mercy on us and deliver us from our wicked and evil ways....
I am seriously beginning to think its a curse or something or God's way of telling us something...that we need to turn from our evil ways and get back to him...Its time to repent people....
Think about it...the level of immorality in our country is immeasurable.
All our generation seems to think about is drugs,alcohol,money and indulging in sexual immorality, even as some of you read this i know that you might be offended but it is high time some one spoke up!
The truth is the world has gone astray and we need God's devine intervention. Our society can no longer protect us, children are being molested everyday,women are being raped and battered every day,men are murdered every day,men are marrying men and women marrying women and we are not allowed to talk about this whole homosexuality issue because it is offensive to human rights. And so we have decided to compromise our integrity, our principles, our values and our morals all because we are afraid of public opinion and its much easier and convenient to do so.
This is wrong and quite frankly its disgusting. Why is it wrong? i'll tell you why its wrong because just because its the "trendy" thing to do and every one is doing it doesnt make it right!
We have compromised  so much of our selves and lost our heads in the process...We have become speculators...we speculate as evil eats up our society and do nothing about it...we fight for "human rights" yet we dont have the right to express ourselves out of fear. We claim independence but our opinion on homosexuality as a country depends on the donors...ironic isn't it? we say one thing and do the other...always contradicting our selves, bending the rules so they can suit us, we copy every thing that the westen society does, what is funny though is that we don't copy the good things about the western; we only adopt that which will degrade our morals and eat up our society even further and its sad that i weep for the future generation...what kind of world have we created for them...what kind of examples are we setting....that we have freedom to do as we please without thinking about the consequences? Some of our actions have far reaching consequences though we might not realise it now but in time we will and if we don't turn from our evil ways we will all perish and nothing good will come of us because our wickedness will catch up with us.So it is high time we rose up and did something about it. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year but starting now, TODAY! Stop complaining about how the government has failed us, our leaders have failed us,bla bla bla and ask yourself what have I done to make this world a better place?...if not for you, for the future generation. WHAT HAVE U DONE? that's right, nothing; so stop complaining and nagging and do something to better this world..Remeber If u don't, no one else begins with you! So take the initiative..

Kateeba Tanya