My journey through life....Lessons learned

Life is a journey, we walk through, and as I tread along this path called life...I cant help but think how far along I have come...

you see, somewhere down this road I trek, I lost my innocence, my head, my pride and my way but though I've lost a lot, I have gained a multitude of wisdom...I can certainly say, am not only older, am also wiser.

Through both my experiences and those of people close to me; I have gained virtues. Yes, I have learnt from other peoples experiences as well for the simple reason that I cant live long enough to go through them all by myself....Below I share just a few of the lessons I've learnt; and learnt well........

1- From being ignored by my mum while throwing tantrums as a child; I've learnt INDEPENDENCE.

2-From my ability to overcome all the obstacles I've faced both in my childhood and my youth; I've gained DETERMINATION

3- From being bullied as a child by my big bro (jika); i have become STRONGWILLED.

4-From my dad refusing to take me out of a school i hated just because i hated the lifestyle I've lerant PERSEVERANCE.

5- From my parents still putting up with me even after the many times I've let them down; I've learnt TOLERANCE.

6- From my various education backgrounds; i have become ARTICULATE.

7- From those friends of mine who still accepted me with all my flaws even when they had a choice to walk away, I've learnt UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE

8- From always being daddy's little girl even when am a whole lot older and him always having my back; I've learnt COMPASSION.

9- From being a god-mother 2 my very demanding and annoying nieces ; I've become PATIENT.

10- From my best friends never ending generosity towards me; I've learnt KINDNESS.

11-From learning to accept my mistakes and make an effort to correct them ; I have acquired HUMILITY.

12- From my nieces innocence and total failure 2 hide the truth; I've learnt HONESTY.

13- From realizing that not everyone is as fortunate a I am; I've learnt GRATITUDE.

14- From my father's ability to remain calm in when everything seems to be falling apart; I've learnt SERENITY.

15- From discovering my hidden strengths through my weaknesses; I've gained HOPE.

16- From my parents loyalty towards each other in all situations for 35yrs; I've learnt FAITHFULNESS.

17-From facing betrayal from some Lovers, friends and family; I've learnt FORGIVENESS and gained RECONCILIATION.

18- From my dad's constant refusal to take bribes despite all the pressure and temptations; I've learnt INTEGRITY.

19- From treating my negative situations as blessings in disguise; I've gained SUCCESS.

20- From experiencing failed relationships I've learned that not all that glitters is gold and gained OBJECTIVITY.

21- From having constant arguments with my parents during my adolescence; I've become OPINIONATED.

22- From my brother's tragic death, I've learnt to appreciate the gift of LIFE.

23- From my parents putting aside their needs just so I can have everything I want selflessly; I've learnt SACRIFICE.

24- From my kid sister never being able to rat me out even wen put under pressure, I've learnt LOYALTY.

25- From being frustrated with my former Boss that I decided to walk to the department head to have him change my duties, I've discovered my inner strengths and learnt that facing my fears is all it takes to get me to my DESTINY

I haven't lived long, so I cant really brag but, the more I live the more I learn because life itself is a lesson...Looking back at my journey so far, I realize that I regret not the things I did, but rather those that I didn't do, simply because from every experience, good or bad, came a worthwhile lesson at the end and so I have certainly not just grown older but also become wiser, I can definitely say am a better person today than I was yesterday.

I also discovered that the things you don't say hurt you more than those you say because in the end, the truth always sets u free, so by all means say what you want to say, do what you want to do, be what you want to be, go where you want to go, reach for the stars and climb every mountain, because the sky is no longer the limit, so reach for the sun and follow your heart's desire.

Don't be afraid to live, take chances, adventure because 10yrs from now, when you look back you'll see that you regret more the things you didn't do than those you did.

I must admit that there have been a number of broken promises and shattered dreams or "dark clouds" in my life , but then with them came silver linings that i wouldn't trade for anything in this world!!!!

I have gained tolerance and learnt to accept people as they are, understanding that we are not all the same, and are not all equal. Some need more patience than others but that is okay, because in that mystery lies the beauty of life.

If you believe you can, you probably can, but if you believe you cant, you most assuredly wont because " belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad".....

I wont say am perfect.. because am not...but keep in mind that life isn't about being perfect, rather its about accepting the flaws, so we keep loving, caring, giving, sharing and hoping that all will be well because in the end, its not the years in your life that count, NO.....its the life in your years!!!!!!!!

Be inspired..........stay blessed.......

Tanya Love