Kampala Restaurant Week, I'm pumped... are YOU???

When you're a foodie like me, any opportunity to eat good food sounds like a terrific plan. So imagine my excitement when pearl Guide Uganda decided to organize Kampala Restaurant week!!! And if you're not a foodie, you're probably lost wondering what I'm going on about, but Fomo is probably killing you, because Ugandans and Fomo are like Bahima and cows... (<----see anyway...="" back="" did="" i="" kampala="" p="" restaurant="" there="" to="" week...="" what="">

What is it?: 12 days of early Christmas where 30  restaurants around Kampala will be serving their best dishes at discounted prices. multi-course Casual meals will be going  for UGX 15,000  and Signature menus for UGX 25,000

When is it?: 2nd to 13th June 2015 (and there's two public holidays!!!)

Where is it going to be?: Well the list is endless, But I picked out a few of my favorite restaurants top on the list being Mediterreano because thier lasagna is to die for...  More of my fave restaurants include: Mantra, The Bistro, La Patisserie and Piato. 

All I'm saying, is I will be hitting the gym after 13th June, because I plan to gain as much weight as I can during the Kla Restaurant week. Don't say I didn't tell you... see you there!!!!

You can check out the pearl guide Uganda website for more info here: http://thepearlguide.co.ug/kampala-restaurant-week/