Learn to Dance in the mud :)

I was walking along the streets of kampala, deeply engulfed in my thoughts, earphones intact, music on loud. without a care in the world about what was going on around me. Before i knew it i had walked from kampala road to Jinja road. I noticed i had actually been walking a while when i saw two street kids playing in dirty water and they seemed too happy to think about the infections they could contract from all the germs contained in that water. I thought to myself; "these poor ignorant kids don't even know they could get sick from that" and continued to wonder if and when they fall sick, how and where do they get medical attention?.

Then, it hit me.. we take life too seriously..while I worry about having to wake up too early to go to work, fussing about what i will wear, how i need to get that new pair of shoes and how kampala has too many potholes, somewhere in kampala was a street child oblivious of their "suffering" as we would call it, but instead was choosing to play and laugh in the mud.

You see, these kids have so little but yet could care less about the sorrows of tomorrow. Whether or not they would have a meal the next day, or would get sick from the dirty water, it didn't matter, what mattered was that at that very moment, they were enjoying the fact that it had rained, and they had water to play with, choosing to smile through their demise. I was greatly inspired as i thought to myself "I could learn a lesson or two from these kids".

Lesson 1: No matter how "dirty" it looks instead of worrying about getting sick or catching a bug take time off and enjoy the simple things. Laugh and play through the mud.
Lesson 2: Life passes you by without notice when you are too busy fusing about what you think is important when you should be living every moment, taking it in and appreciating it.
Lesson 3: Its never that serious so smile through your worries

With that i will say one thing, don't sweat the small stuff infact don't even sweat the big stuff, enjoy every moment or the simple things will pass you by. And we all know its the simple things that make it all worth it
Stay blessed, be inspired
Tanya Love