Thou shall not judge (._. )

Isn’t it amazing how easily it is for us to cast blame onto other people? Think about it, Girls blame guys, Guys blame girls, Kids blame parents, parents blame kids, Bosses blame subordinates and vice versa and the cycle continues. No one ever stops to think, I am to blame, I need to take responsibility for this. And that is the problem with the world today. No one wants to take responsibility for anything. We are all culprits, too busy blaming each other…if you think about it, if you blame me, and I blame you then we are both at fault aren’t we? That means we are equally to blame. So why is it so hard for people to take responsibility for their actions? “It wasn’t my fault” we say,” I was tempted”,” I had no choice” and the story continues…., well news flash; You always have a choice, It was your fault and when you were tempted God gave you strength to resist but your evil nature couldn’t let you pass the offer.

 We are so good at confessing other people’s sin and hiding our own…always giving one excuse or another…but you know that verse in the Bible…. Take the plank out of your eye before you can see clearly to take the speck in your neighbor’s eye. Only after you have taken responsibility for your short comings can you clearly be able to understand another's flaws.
So from today I will be taking full responsibility for my actions and the consequences that come with them. I hope you all do the same too. 
Tanya Love