On a Solo date? Sorry!!

So, the other day, I was having lunch at Tamarai by myself, well because it was a working day I was unable to find a "date" on short notice. I had been ill all week and when I finally got out of Hospital and smelt the fresh breeze i decided to give myself a treat and because I love the teas at Tamarai, It was the perfect place for me to chill on this hot Friday afternoon. As I was enjoying my delicious hot and spicy chicken wings, I saw a familiar face walk by, he stopped to say hello and asked if I was meeting someone there. To his surprise, I wasn't. But that's not the point of this post, when he found out that I was having lunch by my self, his response was "Bambi". Loosely translated as "oh dear" or "poor you". I gave him a warm smile and simple laugh and continued to indulge in this delicacy.

 As he walked away, I started to wonder, why do people think its pitiful if you go on a solo date? Does he think that I live a lonely and unhappy life because I choose to sit here and eat by myself? I have to admit, I was a bit offended, and here's why:
I live a very fulfilling life, probably more fulfilling than his. So much so that I don't really need people around me all the time to rectify my existence. I love me some me time, and anybody close to me will testify to how much I love my space. It has always puzzled my friends  how it is that I can go to a restaurant, by myself, order food, eat by my self, and live. But here's the thing, I like food, scratch that I LOVE FOOD!!!! So much so that I don't need a date to enjoy my meal. Sometimes I just want a good meal, and my friends aren't available or don't feel like eating because they are watching their weight, a problem I don't have. 

Sometimes I just cant even be bothered to call them because its an instant craving so I just drive out to whatever place I feel like eating, order my food, eat it in peace, without having someone poke at it, or try to taste it, instead of ordering their own, Yes I'm selfish like that. Actually that has to be my biggest pet peeve. People poking at my food, I would rather get you a whole new plate, than have you poke at my food. I rather find that much as I love company, I also like to enjoy my meals in peace. So my eating alone, or being on a "solo date" doesn't warrant your sympathy. It just simply means I wanted to eat alone.

Makes me wonder how many people out there are afraid of eating alone, because they don't want to feel alone. Just because you are surrounded by people doesn't mean you aren't lonely, just like being alone doesn't make you lonely. I've had the loneliest moments while surrounded by crowds of people and questioned my goals or purpose in life or purpose for being in the presence of these people, and I've had life changing decisions made while sitting by myself, because my mind was finally cleared of clutter and could now reason clearly. My point being, don't judge people based on what it looks like. There is nothing sorry about my life. I'm happier than I have been in years, and sitting by myself at a restaurant will not change that. Actually, sitting alone is what makes me happy. That I can afford that meal, is even a blessing on its own. So, the next time you see my sitting alone, just smile and wave, and wish me a Bon apetit, don't feel sorry for me, or that other person by themselves in the restaurant.
With Love